Celebration of life

We invite you to join Tantra Essence Online Festival for the Summer Solstice Celebration, 19 – 21 June 2020. 









  • 25 hours of live streaming experience

The Essence Tribe is gathering online to honour our aliveness, our loving presence and togetherness at the Summer Solstice with Ma Ananda Sarita, friends and Kaula.

The more we experience life itself as a Festival of Love, Meditation and Joy, the sooner we will know the fullness of our human potential. And this potential is nothing less than heaven on earth.

Finding True Fulfilment

Even being faced with the chaos and uncertainty of these days, we do have choices. We can open ourselves to fear, contractions and manipulations, or we can take the path of love. 

We can choose joy, awareness and compassion.

We are alive and the most sensible choice for anyone is to celebrate life and open to love for it is this that will bring true fulfilment. Let’s gather together to open our hearts and invite more aliveness, peace, celebration and silence within.

Tantra is the Alchemy of Ecstasy and this festival contributes to a joyful world celebration in our life, as well as welcoming the Summer!

What to expect

  • 3 Days of LIVE online experiences
  • 12 Masterclasses / Practice sessions
  • Special Summer Solstice celebration with Amiya and Sarita
  • Yoga practices and Osho Meditations
  • Summer Solstice music with Praful
Through loving and meditating we create within ourselves, a balance of yin and yang. Meditation brings awareness and an expansion of consciousness arising from yang, whilst Love gives birth to joy, empathy and compassion arising from yin. When there is a balance of yang and yin we will find ourselves in a divine world.

Everyone is welcome!

Whether you are a Tantra newbie or experienced, whether you are single or in a couple. This Tantra Essence Online Festival is not about learning something new, but remembering who you are and doing it together with others seeking to do the same!
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