essence festival

June 20-23, 2021

Our intention for the 2021 festival is to explore meditations and rituals proposed by Enlightened Masters, creating a living transmission that is as relevant now as it was in ancient times.

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Essence Festival 2021

June 20 - 23, 2021 ✦ Corfu, Greece

Need even more reasons before
you make your decision...?

This festival will be happening on the
beautiful island of Corfu, Greece!

The Essence Festival is an invitation to come back home, to yourself, to nature and to love. The resplendent and peaceful nature in Arillas, Corfu supports us to take this inner journey in the best possible way. You may have been to beautiful beaches in the past, but the beach of Arillas carries a special magic.

The Buffet, A Feast for Body and Senses

A festival is not really festive if it does not include high quality food. When festival participants see the amazingly diverse and colourful daily feast prepared by the Corfu Buddha Hall Team, they literally gasp in astonished joy and pleasure. Just to look at the buffet is already a gift for the senses, and when we eat it, we can literally taste the love and dedication which was poured into the food preparation.

Rejuvenation, Body and Soul

The Essence Festival is a privilege, a gift you can give to yourself or to a friend, a time and space to unwind, pamper yourself and explore the best life has to offer. Through this we experience powerful rejuvenation, body, mind and soul. It is an experience of divine community, a return to the garden, a meeting place of friends, a celebration for lovers of life.


Many of the people who come to this beach are into personal development and so you are likely to meet many gorgeous and radiant beings on your way to the beach or at the beach. The water is crystal clear and a true rejuvenation body and soul happens each time you take a dip in this sublime sea.


In the Essence Festival, you will be invited into Dance, Pod and Group Sharing, Massage, active and silent Meditation, devotional Rituals, Energy and Breath-work, Emotional Fluidity, Partner Exercises, Singing, Playful Activities, Sacred Theatre, Evening Entertainment, Cuddling, Swimming, Sunbathing and Feasting!

The old idea of holidays near the beach, where we bake in the sun and read a trashy book followed by drunken nights out, is out of date. Discerning people all over the world are now taking Personal Development Holidays, where you combine the beauty of nature with an inner journey.

Ma Ananda Sarita
What you get
  • access to all workshops
  • yoga & meditations
  • rituals & satsangs
  • evening concerts & dances
  • Love Lounge
  • shuttle to/from hotel
  • 3 vegetarian meals / day
  • swimming pool access
  • all day tea and coffee bar
  • use of group & session rooms


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