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Sarita and Miguel

Sarita is a world renowed Tantra Teacher, author and founder of Tantra Essence, offering a whole rainbow of Trainings, Retreats, Groups and Online Courses. Sarita was in Osho’s community from 1973 to 1999 and absorbed a powerful transmission from Osho on individual and couple’s Tantra as a path to spiritual awakening. She has been teaching Tantra, Holistic Healing and Meditation since 1990. 

Miguel has three masters degrees in communication, anthropology and languages. He speaks 6 languages fluently. He is a specialist in Life Coaching, NLP, Transactional and Non Violent Communication (NVC). He worked in the United Nations and was an advisor for a Governor of Jakarta. Miguel is very experienced in meditation, having immersed himself in Goenka’s teachings.

Tantra-Mantra-Yantra & Meditation A Miraculous Evolution Of Consciousness

The secrets of life are encapsulated in the science of Tantra. Within this multifaceted lifestyle we are offered miraculous practices which propel us into enlightened consciousness. Sarita and Miguel guide you into the alchemy of Tantra through Mantra, Yantra and Meditation.

You can attend this class alone, with a friend of either gender or with a beloved.


Flute master, sax wizard, composer, producer. He is simply a genius. He can play an entire concert all alone and have people up and dancing, completely intoxicated by his presence.

“Very beautiful and deeply touching"

Eckhart Tolle, on Praful’s music

“Krishna himself is playing through Praful!”

Brandon Bays, Healer, best-selling author

Shashi and Shahid

Shashi Solluna has been teaching Tantra for nearly 20 years. She runs Teacher Trainings and is the author of Tantra Made Easy (Hay House). 

Shahid van Helden is trained in Kashmiri Tantra Massage and is a trainee facilitator of the Tantra Essence School of Tantra. He leads men’s groups in Holland 


Andre Amiya is a spiritual teacher, personal-growth and life coach, the founder of many self-development programs for women, couples, and individuals as well as the founder of a successful teaching centre. She is a best-selling author and sought-after singer, composer, and producer.

Kirsti Kuosmanen

Kirsti Kuosmanen is a Tantra teacher, Sex, Love and Relationship coach, Actress, Author and Psychotherapist . She wants to inspire you to find a loving relationship with your body, sexuality and pleasure. She will invite you to ignite your inner fire, reclaim your power and flourish. 

We are tasting the flow and journeying through emotions: rage, joy, sadness, fear and surrender. Through expressing with sound and movement, you will find the pleasure of being in the eye of the storm. You are the Master or the Queen of your emotions, aligned and in your full ecstatic power.


Her purpose is to guide you to a space of peace and bliss which is deep inside each one of us and doesn’t depend on whatever happens on the periphery of our being. She runs groups for women, Tantra groups and Family Constellation Circles in different countries. Her tools include Tantric practices, Emotional release, deep healing of Masculine and Feminine through Family Constellation, Trauma healing ( SE ) in working with childhood traumas and conditioning. 

Saraha; One Whose arrow is short. “Be total… and you will be free.” Osho This group is designed as an experiential journey to discover your own totality. Participants will be supported in finding out and seeing clearly their usual patterns in connecting with themselves and others. This exploration will take us to the main question: what does it mean for me to be TOTAL and what gives me experience of totality? What hinders my totality and how can I reconnect with it? Participants will be guided towards their own centre, experiencing the difference of action from the space of compromise, where life energy is just partly available and from the Centre, where all life energy is available to you.


Dharmaraj is a Tantra Teacher, Sexuality Educator, Holistic Healer and Doctor. As Lead Faculty of Tantra Essence team, he offers trainings internationally in Europe, Asia, and USA, across more than 13 countries worldwide.

He is a Tantra Essence Teacher, ‘Elite Certified Tantra Educator’ with Source School of Tantra, Doctor of Dental Medicine, and Holistic Healer using a wide range of healing methods.

Modestas Stonkus

Modestas Stonkus is the founder of Dance of Tantra, a personal development platform, based on dance, movement, expression techniques, and powerful personal transformation tools. Modestas is actively working as a Mentor, Tantric Bodyworker, Teaching Dance & DJ all around the world. He strives to create inspirational experiences, motivating growth & love towards ourselves. 

This session is a freeing journey through different aspects of human life. Allowing all expressions, feelings and emotions. Be prepared for a mysterious and gentle journey within. “It is an experience, in search of your inner wisdom. You will need enough space in the room and ability to make sounds while dancing.


My name is Jonathan and I am the founder of Yotan, an organisation dedicated to facilitating people’s growth and transformation by guiding them to find their path; their authenticity and the only guru to whom they should totally surrender – their inner guru.

New Dawn Celebrating & harnessing solar energy to bring about the changes we want to manifest in our lives). We are living a period of great transformation for the whole of mankind. A time when we let go of old ways and herald a new era of greater consciousness. This session celebrates and nurtures our own process of growth as part of the collective. Participants will be guided on a journey which will include: Surya Tantra; Gratitude, Setting Intention, Harnessing the transformative power of the sun and Sun Dance; and celebrating the New Dawn


Ranjana A.Pomar was born close to The Andes in Chile where the presence of nature deeply touched her heart and moved her spirit to connect with and share the ancestral wisdom of indigenous Cosmo-Vision. Her work focuses on four ingredients: Osho Meditations, Neo- Shamanis, Art and Devotional Tantra.
Tantra Shamanic Essence, embracing The Sun (male polarity) and Moon (female polarity) within. Like in many ancestral cultures, we come together as a Tribe to receive the new season. You will experience aliveness energy through dance and singing, inner harmony and joy through meditation and ritual, The Sacred Union when Sun and Moon become one inside.


Suta Tantra Essence Faculty has been teaching internationally with Sarita since 2009. He helps people remember their timeless Essential nature, especially through meditation, music and massage and, is an advocate of the healing power of Darkness.


The Breath as portal to realising the Power of ‘I AM’
 A tantric approach to breathwork and contemplation ‘I AM’ – your Being as an agent of the Universe can bring the experience, the realisation that ‘I am Shiva, I am Shakti!’ and a sense of elevated consciousness, clarity and bliss!


Part of Tantra Essence Team, creator of Yoga Love, Devananda is offering two sessions during this On-line Festival.

Laurence & Laurent

Laurence & Laurent are Leading Teachers at Skydancing Tantra. They represents Tantra, where techniques and practices contribute to the development of our consciousness, our understanding and our knowledge, based on direct experience and transformation.


Masterclass they present: Ancestral Tantra and Neo-Tantra Talk & Visualisation. 

  • The gathering will happen via ZOOM
  • Everything will be broadcasted LIVE
  • Masterclass recordings will be available for 21 days
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